Understanding the way CBD works and the proper way to use it can be a bit puzzling to both the experienced and first-time users, considering that the industry is relatively new. Among the most frequently asked questions, we encounter is: How do I choose the best CBD dosage for me?

There are plenty of articles concerning CBD health benefits, yet there are just a couple of discussions about proper CBD dosing. Adding to the confusion is the fact that as compared with other medications or supplements, the Federal Drug Authority (FDA) has not released a standard dosage for CBD. As a result, consumers are thoughtlessly calculating their doses based on brand or company recommendations from where they bought their CBD products. Worse, some rely on their friends who assert to be “experts” only because they have been using CBD for some time now.

One of the most frequent dosage suggestions we hear is taking one dropper of CBD daily. While this certainly makes up a dosage, there is no appropriate means to validate if it is indeed the correct dosage for a particular individual since it does not consider crucial elements as follows:

•    The severity of the condition being treated

•    The body chemistry of the individual

•    The individual’s weight

•    The CBD concentration

Having said that, there is not really a standard dosage for everyone. To gauge your proper dosage, it may require a lot of trial and error.

According to Nick Jikomes, a neuroscientist, the receptors in the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) as well as the physiology changes of our body, directly influences the interactions of CBD with the human system. Consequently, there will be shifting optimal CBD dosages throughout a person’s lifetime.

Simply put, there is actually no universal CBD dosage. In order to find the appropriate CBD dosage for you, follow these three simple steps:

1.    Base your dosage on your body mass

To experience the effects of CBD, people with more body mass will need more CBD. This holds true with most substances. As such, an excellent guiding principle in determining the CBD dosage that is right to you is to refer to this ratio: 6 mg of CBD per 10 lbs. of body weight, depending on the person’s pain level.

For a 200 lb. individual, an ideal starting dosage, for instance, would be 20 mg to 33 mg. Someone weighing 150 lb. may take 15 mg to 25 mg.

2. Begin with a small dose, then gradually increase later on

In case you have a friend who weighs just about you and claims of taking all kinds of benefits by taking about 30 mg of CBD two times daily, don’t follow this dosage for yourself.

Remember that every person is unique and each has his own distinct background with regards to the use of supplements, medications, and other substances that are ingested in the body. As a result, everyone has a different body chemistry that could affect the body’s reaction to CBD. Simply put, just because something works for your friend, does not necessarily mean it will work for you too.

Having said that, it is necessary for you to find out first your initial dosage depending on your body mass then observe how your system reacts to that particular CBD amount. You may gradually increase the dosage later on as you continue to keep track of your body’s reaction until you get the proper dosage that best fits you.

2.    Talk to your doctor

Consulting your doctor is the best way you can do when in doubt and if you are having an existing medical condition. Although there are just a few physicians who have experienced with CBD, a lot of them have a better understanding on the way your body will react to the compound and may offer you a more accurate dosage depending on your situation.