There are various ways to use cannabidiol (CBD) but one that stands out is CBD vaping through CBD vape juice using the vaporizer of your choice or by using an all-in-one solution like a CBD Vape Pen.

‘ Vaping’, which is in short fort vaporization, does not just provide a casual experience in taking CBD, yet it is, in fact, more effective than other CBD consumption methods. It’s no wonder therefore that its popularity has risen over the past years. Vaping CBD oil involves an intake approach where the user gets to inhale the vapor coming out of the CBD oil. As you vape, the active compounds in the oil is heated, thereby producing the vapor. The process gets rid of the burning or combustion related to smoking. This means that vaping CBD oil does not produce irritants to the lungs that may result in respiratory problems.

Aside from it is safe, vaping CBD works faster than any methods of consumption. Generally, not all the CBD you take goes straight to your body but just a particular percentage gets into your system to take an effect. That is known as ‘bioavailability’ in science and it greatly depends on the way CBD is introduced to the body system. The oral bioavailability of CBD, for instance, is around 15%. This only implies that only 15 mg of 100 mg of CBD you take actually gets into the bloodstream.

Oral CBD consumption is not that effective since a lot of CBD is water-insoluble, in the same way, that cooking oil doesn’t blend with water. The percentage of the compound that didn’t get through the body is filtered out through the liver, reducing further its bioavailability. Yet, it does not mean it’s totally ineffective. You just need to take more of it to feel the effect.

A consumption method that makes the most of the CBD bioavailability, meanwhile, is through vaping CBD. The CBD you vape doesn’t go through the liver or the gut, but instead passes straight to your lungs and diffuses right into the bloodstream. This process totally evades the first-pass effect, enabling almost four times as much of the powerful compound to get into your circulation for an optimal bioavailability of about 50-60%.  Simply put, you can maximize a small dose of the CBD as you vape the compound.

But what is the best way to vape CBD oil?

CBD Vape Pen

A lot of CBD vape pens are available with a pre-designed CBD cartridge that makes it convenient and quick to start vapid CBD. All you need to do is buy a CBD vape pen from a reliable retailer, charge it, and you are all set. It’s that simple.

CBD Vape Juice

CBD Vape Juices come in two primary types – the CBD additives and the pre-flavored liquids. The former can be used as an additive to your choice non-CBD vape juice, while the latter is already flavored and is ready to fill or drip the tank of your CBD vape device.

Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages, yet using a CBD vape pen is generally the easiest way to vape CBD for first-time users.  It is very convenient to use with minimal set-up requirement.

CBD Vape Pen, however, is a more expensive option as it requires frequent CBD cartridge replacement than the CBD vape juice. This is its primary disadvantage.

Ultimately, with all the benefits that you can get out of the CBD, it is not really a big deal if you weigh out the advantages and the disadvantages. Nevertheless, you are still advised to think about what could work best for you depending on your situation prior to making a decision.